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The plastibell© technique is a common and safe method of baby circumcision. This method helps to minimise the risk of bleeding or damage to the penis.

Before the circumcision, your baby will be placed on a specially designed bed which holds him securely for the procedure. You are welcome to stay with your baby during the procedure. However, there will be a waiting room available if you or family members prefer to wait there.
To begin with, the doctor will clean your baby’s skin and then inject local anaesthetic into the base of his penis. This injection will numb the whole penis for a few hours, so the rest of the procedure will not be felt by your baby.
Once the penis is numb, the foreskin is gently separated from the tip of the penis. An incision is then made down the back of the foreskin which allows the plastibell© to be placed over the tip. Once in place, the foreskin is tied to the plastibell© with a surgical tie. Excess skin is then removed. The procedure is then complete.
Your baby will return home with the plastibell© in place. Urine can still flow freely through the hole in the end of the plastibell©. The foreskin will then separate from the penis and wither away in the same way as the umbilical cord does after birth. The plastibell© will then naturally and painlessly fall off after 5 to 8 days, along with the remaining foreskin.
The finish is very neat as the surgical tie is held in a circular groove on the plastibell® making the divided edge of the skin symmetrical.
This technique is safe and there is usually no need for your baby to return to the clinic once the procedure is complete. Refer to our aftercare section to understand how best to care for your baby after the procedure.

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